Posted on: 1st December 2020

I’m Dreaming of A White-Label Christmas


It is that time of year once more; the time where all around the globe, children are asking: “Just how can Santa’s elves make enough toys for everyone?”. Now, while we don’t know for sure, it is very possible there is a sprinkle of white-label magic in play. Christmas is, undoubtedly, a busy time, as anyone who has taken on the role of Christmas temp can testify. According to Barclay’s October Consumer Spending Report, there has been a 50% uplift in retail sales in the last month alone. The Christmas rush has officially started, and it is a true stress test of any business’ experience and capacity.


The idea of permanently increasing resource is not an option for some companies (again, as the Christmas temp can attest to). This is where Digidrop’s white-label service excels. Our experience and resource, truly, become your own. Whether you need extra personnel in the field; a point of contact for enquiries; or even a sounding board from our experts; our team have you covered from start to finish. 


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May your days be merry and bright; and may the solution to your white labelling needs be in sight.